Water Tank Cleaning

Regular maintenance of your water tank ensures it is in top working order & free of bacterias that could cause harm to you & your family. We are able to clean your tank with our high-pressure hose & remove any sediment, leaving it clean & safe.

What is “Sludge”?

Before discussing how to remove sludge from your tank, you might be wondering what “sludge” is?

If you harvest rainwater, then even with water diverters and appropriate tank screening, organic material and sediments will find their way into your water tank. Over the course of a few years, biofilms develop in your tank which result in a layer of “sludge” settling at the bottom of your tank.

Why Clean Out Tank Sludge?

This sludge layer can accumulate heavy metals such as lead, while also acting as a breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms. For this reason, sludge is often considered a source of water contamination – it is recommended by Health Departments that your tank be inspected every 2–3 years and built-up sediment cleaned out.

Despite these recommendations, there is controversy over whether sludge acts a source of water contamination or instead acts as a natural water purifying effect by absorbing harmful particles from the water column. Regardless of who is right, we will presume you want the sludge gone and so look at some available cleaning options.

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