Storm water pits

A blocked storm water pit can cause both environmental & financial problems in a heavy rainfall event, causing flooding to carparks & buildings. Sandgroper Contracting can remove debris & obstructions from your pits to reduce the risk of flooding, as well ensuring that no further contaminants are added into the ecosystem.

Stormwater Pits, especially side entry pits, tend to accumulate gravel, rubbish, vegetation and debris over time and need to be cleaned out before this accumulation significantly effects the capacity of the pit.

Rubbish can be removed in a number of ways, including by mechanical means, or specialised vacuum equipment.

The importance of keeping your stormwater pit cleaned cannot be over emphasized.
The device is meant to collect debris and prevent it from entering the tunnel system. If debris enters the system, it can cause major problems and contaminate important water supplies. As well, a stormwater pit can help prevent flooding such as overflow into a parking lot, massive water in the streets and water that can back-up near your home and cause damage to both the exterior and interior.

Not only are we able to clean the stormwater pit in a much more efficient manner, but disposing of debris is much, much easier.

Maintaining your stormwater pit is pretty simple. However, good maintenance is crucial. What’s more, periodical inspections of your drainage system and stormwater collection system will help prevent future damage to your home and property.

Typically, stormwater pits should be cleaned or at least inspected about two times a year. Generally the best times for cleaning are in the spring and autumn before winter sets in. Although there are a lot of areas that experience droughts, there are also heavy storms and periodic flooding.

Moreover, if there is ever any doubt that your stormwater pits may need cleaning or serviced, contact us as soon as possible. It is far more cost effective to have your system checked a few times a year than to have extensive damage caused by flooding.

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