Pump Stations

Regular maintenance of pump stations will minimise break downs of pumps, floats and outlets. Sandgroper Contracting is able to clean your pump station in order to keep it fully operational. We will remove any sediment, foreign objects, fatbergs/rings & crust build up, which is likely to cause damage to the equipment over time.

Pump stations often process very dirty streams. Solid waste can block the system causing flow problems and damage to the pumps. In addition, pump seals and packing are subjected to harsh conditions. Premature seal failure may lead to leaks, which result in odour complaints.

Sludge accumulation in a sewerage pump station can also cause level switches to become inoperable. This could cause a pump to keep running when it should switch off, which is dangerous. When the level drops too low, the pump operates outside of its design conditions causing cavitation and vibration. The pump will also overheat. All these conditions will accelerate pump failure.

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