Septic tanks/leach Drains & Bio Systems

We service both residential & commercial septic tanks. In order to ensure your septic tank is well maintained it is recommended that it is pumped and cleaned approximately every 3 years, depending on the volume of waste. We can provide scheduled jobs as well as any emergency jobs 24/7. Septic tank cleaning can be messy so leave it to the professionals & let Sandgroper Contracting can get the job done efficiently.

Solid waste can build up in your tank overtime, no matter how careful you are about usage. When solid waste builds up too much it can overflow, causing all kinds of problems. De-sludging and pumping gets rid of solid sewage inside your septic tank, ensuring it works safely and effectively.

How often? 

This depends on the amount of people living in the house.  The amount of water used.  The types of chemicals disposed of into the system (i.e bleach).  Rule of thumb as outlined by the Department of Health WA states every 4 years for a four person house.

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