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Liquid and hazardous waste is a constant in residential and commercial spaces alike. Sandgroper Contracting provides services to keep your clean water and wastewater management systems smoothly running. Here are the services we offer in Wagin:

Hydro Excavation blasts high-pressure water to cut through the soil, which is then removed by vacuum and transported in a debris tank. This method minimizes the risk of hitting power lines or other underground utilities, which is a common construction horror story costing millions of dollars in damages.

High-Pressure Jetting utilizes a nine-metre wand to remove any mineral and dirt buildup in any holding vessels. Alternatively, we can use a high-volume, high-pressure jetter line to clear out any roots, sediments, and foreign objects in pipes.

Brewery & Winery Waste Management Breweries and wineries can only treat their liquid waste and sediment to a certain degree. What remains needs to be transported to an off-site waste treatment plant. Sandgroper Contracting has all the equipment required to do that. 

Industrial Waste Management systems are customized for the different needs of various businesses dealing with liquid waste contaminated with fat, oils, and grease. These are extremely damaging to the environment and are strictly regulated by the Wagin government.

Cleaning Services ensure that clean water and wastewater are able to go where they are supposed to. By keeping the water systems free of blockages, it allows a consistent supply of clean water and the effective functioning of wastewater pre-treatment technologies. We can help you clean and maintain the following water systems:

  • Pump stations
  • Water tanks
  • Oily water separators
  • Septic tanks
  • Cisterns or stormwater pits

Portable Toilets are necessary for outdoor events and work sites. We provide clean single and multiple portable toilets of the highest quality fit for high-profile events in Wagin.

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Sandgroper Contracting is a Water Corporation Authorised Contractor

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